The best German training plan for gaining big muscles quickly

The best German training plan for gaining big muscles quickly

Exercise 4 or 3 times a week and gain your arms, chest, shoulders, back and legs

it is advance program. Old-school bodybuilders and modern sports scientists have not agreed much, but one of them is that volume is a key variable in monitoring muscle growth. In terms of training, volume refers to the total weight increased during the session. If you want to increase the volume, the smartest way is to increase the number of sets performed. If you try to increase it by weight, you will not be able to repeat yourself, and if you do it with a high set of shortcuts, you will be out of range of metaphors.


Prominent force trainer Charles Poliquin was well aware of this when creating his own GVT (German Volume Training) protocol. If you choose the right scales that require a little experimentation, you can't complete the 10th repetition of the 10th set. Ideally, you should start failing 2 or 3 sets in the target, but in the final set you should continue as many iterations as possible.


How does it work

This four-week plan consists of three exercises. First, move your chest back and forth to challenge the target muscle group while restoring the other muscles, performing the first two movements in the superset to test and make them as effective as possible. GVT movement is a difficult way to train, so you only do it twice. The last two exercises have hit the same muscle group, so you can achieve complete fatigue with just three sets.


The second exercise has a similar pattern, but works the thigh and back. The last session is performed by simple arm shifts, then the biceps and triceps supersets along with the abs movement.


Follow the instructions for sets, reps, and rest for each move to get the most out of it. Perform each exercise once a week for 4 weeks. Increase the amount you raise each week. Find out how much you lift in each session so you can track your progress and be motivated.

How to warm up

Doing 10 repetitions 10 repetitions is a hardcore training method, so with a comprehensive warm-up you have to put your body in the best place to succeed in this training. This gym warm-up routine begins with a series of dynamic sections that stimulate the whole body, but the second part of exercises focused on certain exercises is also important.


This is an exercise that focuses on the muscles you want to focus on as an exercise. Due to the large number of kits and staff involved in mass training in Germany, you will not do any specific exercises in a specific training, so you will have time to prepare for 5-10 minutes. Warm up. The easiest way to achieve this is to warm up the main muscles used by doing each exercise once or twice with a very light weight. This will correctly set the first set, when the time approaches and reduce the risk of injury.

Exercise 1: chest and back

1> Inclined table press


Inclined table press

Set 10 times, 10 times, 10 seconds


Why move the angle of inclination given to the muscles slightly different emphasis, so that the front shoulder a bit more active than the flat version. Because of this, you may not be able to gain weight.


How to lie on a bench inclined 45 degrees with your arms across your chest with your arms wider than the width of your shoulders. Lower the bar touches your chest, then press it.


1> curved row


bent over

10 repetitions, 10 breaks, 90 seconds -2 minutes


Why this movement causes the opposite muscle to act on the inclined bench. The strong backrest improves posture, allowing you to safely lift heavy weights and reduce the risk of injury.


Method Hold the bar by the shoulder-width handle and bend your knees slightly. Bend your hips so that the torso is approximately 45 degrees to the floor. Pull the rod up to the sternum, then lower it under control. If you move your upper body to move the bar, the weight is too heavy.


2> oblique barbell


oblique barbell

Repeat 3 times 6-8 rest for 10 seconds


Why it's similar to the version with dumbbells, but after completing the previous training you can exercise a little safer in the muscles. It also questions the stable muscles around the shoulder joint.


Position with a straight hand, a barbell in both hands and a 45-degree incline on the bench. Lower the weight to chest height, hold your elbows at your sides and push them back to the beginning.


2> single-arm row


single-arm row

3 pauses 6-8 each side interrupt set to 60 seconds


Why this quarantine exercise can act on one side of the body at the same time and carry more weight.


Place one knee on the bench, the other on the floor, slightly forward, place a barbell in one hand. Lift the barbell until your thumb touches the armpit, then lower it back to the beginning. Fill in all the contacts on one side and then switch.


Exercise 2: Legs

1A front sqwat


front sqwat

Set 10 times, 10 times, 10 seconds


Why the goal of this super set is to work on the front and back of the thigh. Placing the rod in front of the shoulders focuses on the ATV and makes movement safer. Lean forward and it will not endanger your belt.


Place the rod on the front of the arm in the stand and secure it with your palms facing up. Squat, lift your chest and stand over your heels.


1B Romania Deadlift


Romania Deadlift

10 repetitions, 10 breaks, 90 seconds -2 minutes


Why this develops a hip and hamstrings, most of which will benefit. Hip-workouts basically have a positive effect on your daily activities.


Stand with your feet spaced apart and hold the barbell with the handle just in front of your thigh. With your knees slightly bent, bend forward at the hips and slide the bar forward until you hear a hamstring. Slide the hips forward to the beginning.


2A Bulgarian squat


Bulgarian squat

Set 3 iterations on each page to 6-8


Why is this squat position focused on the quartet - the main muscle group associated with heavy squats. In addition, the legs work independently, equally strong and stable on both sides.


How to hold the hand with the barbell and start with the back foot on the bench and about 60 cm in front of the bench. Bend your knees down to the ground, straighten your torso and push it back to the beginning. Make sure that the front of the foot is sufficiently forward so that the knees are aligned with the ankle and the front of the foot can jump forward. Fill in all the contacts on one side and then switch.


2B electric kettle swing


electric kettle swing

Repeat three times, set 10 pauses of 60-90 seconds


Why this step subsequently affects all the muscles in the chain, teaching explosives to do everything from throwing in amazement to jumping over boxes. It's a swing, not a squat. Just bend your knees before the big jump.


How to turn the kettle between the legs with both hands and keep the hands comfortable by moving the hips forward to head height. Return the kettle to the next responsible person. Again, you don't have to bend your knees too much.


Exercise 3: shoulder and shoulder

1 upper press


upper press

Set 10 times, 10 times, 90 seconds


Why not only cover the entire shoulder joint, but also lift a heavy weight over your head, which increases the strength of the core and abdomen, because you have to turn the muscles to stabilize the spine.


To spread the width of the shoulders, hold the bar above your chest and extend your arms wider than the width of your shoulders. Push the bar straight up to protect the ABS, buttocks and ATVs. Pause at the top and then down. You can wrap your thumb on the same side as you can bring more weight with your fingers.


2A Biceps curl


Biceps curl

Set 10 times, 10 times, 10 seconds


Why in this session do three GVT movements, not two, because arm exercise is less demanding for the central nervous system and can do more.


As you stand high with your shoulders behind you, legs close together, palms facing forward, a pair of dumbbells with your arms just in front of your hips. With your elbows on your hips, move the dumbbells towards your chest and stop just in front of your vertical forearms. Get under control and return to the starting position.


2B diamond press


diamond press

10 repetitions, 10 breaks, 90 seconds -2 minutes


Why is this seemingly difficult exercise? If you bring your hands closer together and create a diamond shape, the triceps will become more pronounced. If you are new to this exercise, don't be surprised if you try to reach the number of people responsible. Focus on maintaining good food.


How to put your hands close together so that your thumb and forefinger touch each other. Keep your hips and body straight and lower your torso until your chest is just above the floor, then push it.





Sets 3 Time 30-40sec Rest 60sec

The reason why weaknesses help build kernel stability is useful for all aspects of fitness and complements the GVT work done at the beginning of the session.


How to place your body in a straight line from head to toe and elbow just below your shoulders. If the buttocks are too high, the core muscles will relax. If it is too low, it will strain your passport.

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