Transparent Labs Fat Burner overview

Transparent Labs Fat Burner overview

From all our research, TLabs Fat Burner ranked first and was well received by users. It is marketed as the most "transparent" fat burning formula on the market, as it comes from Transparent Labs' rapidly growing suite of products, which pride themselves on their "open formulas". When combined with proper nutrition and exercise, it can help you achieve some of your weight loss goals. In addition, in case you are intolerant to stimulants, Transparent Labs also offers a fantastic fat burner without stimulants!




100% transparency of the formula: Transparent Labs does not believe in proprietary blends and provides dosages of individual ingredients up to the "other ingredients" section.

Zero artificial sweeteners, food coloring or harmful additives: Fat Burner is one of the cleanest formulas we have ever seen and does not contain any fillers at all.

Scientific Research Provided: On their website, Transparent Labs refers to all the scientific studies they have used to influence Fat Burner's premium formula.

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1 month supply

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What's inside


Each serving of 2 capsules contains:


  • 1.    500 mg of Forslean (Forskolin) which helps the other ingredients of this product to promote fat loss (s).
  • 2.    400 mg of green tea (50% EGCG) which provides energy (s).
  • 3.    300 mg of 5-HTP: an amino acid naturally produced by the body. It is used to create serotonin. Low serotonin levels are associated with weight gain and other health problems (i).
  • 4.    L-tyrosine 300mg: included for its cognitive benefits. On its website, Transparent Labs states that it has been included to reduce stress during the diet.
  • 5.    240 mg of L-theanine The purpose of L-theanine in this supplement is to "soften the impact", so to speak, of the effects of caffeine; "Remove the border" if you want. This is because it promotes anxiolytic (anxiolytic) effects without sedation or drowsiness.
  • 6.    240 mg of caffeine
  • 7.    60 mg while willow bark extract: potentially can act as anti-inflammatory for athletes who train hard (i).
  • 8.    100 mg of cayenne pepper extract: increases metabolism and promotes thermogenesis so that the body burns fats more efficiently (i).
  • 9.    Synephrine HCl 50mg: can help increase the rate at which the body burns fat (s).

Bottom line


Overall, this unique blend of amino acids to support lean muscles, along with natural metabolism boosters, green tea, cayenne pepper and caffeine contains a double glaze designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals. A caffeine-free variety is also available.

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