Ultra low-fat diet healthy diet plan? Amazing truth

Ultra low-fat diet healthy diet plan? Amazing truth

For decades, official nutrition guidelines have encouraged people to eat low-fat diets, where fat accounts for about 30% of daily calorie intake.

However, many studies have shown that these eating habits are not the most effective long-term weight loss strategy.

The largest and longest studies show that weight is reduced to a minimum and does not affect the risk of heart disease or cancer.

However, many proponents of a low-fat diet argue that these results are flawed because they believe that a 30% recommendation for fat intake is not enough.

Instead, this suggests that for low-fat diets, fat should not exceed 10% of daily calories.

This article deals in more detail with low-fat food and its impact on health.

What is a low fat diet?

Low fat or low fat diets allow up to 10% fewer calories in fat. It also tends to be low in protein and very high in carbohydrates with about 10% and 80% daily calories.

Low-fat diets are primarily plant-based and limit the consumption of animal products such as eggs, meat and fatty dairy products.

High-fat plant foods, including extra virgin olive oil, nuts and avocados, are often limited, although they are generally considered healthy.

Fat can be a problem because it has several important functions in the body.

It is a major source of calories, forms the cell membrane and hormones, and helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E and K.

In addition, fat improves the taste of food. Low fat foods are usually not as tasty as mild or high foods with this nutrient.

However, studies have shown that low-fat diets can have very impressive benefits in several serious conditions.

Potential health effects

Low fat diets have been extensively studied and there is evidence that they may be beneficial for a variety of serious conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and multiple sclerosis.

heart disease

Studies have shown that low-fat diets can improve several important risk factors for heart disease, such as:

High blood pressure

Cholesterol with high blood pressure

Highly reactive protein C, an indicator of inflammation

One study of 198 patients with heart disease found a particularly surprising effect.


More than 60% of non-dieters had a heart attack, only 1 in 177 after a diet.

Type 2 diabetes

Several studies have shown that a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet can lead to improvement in people with type 2 diabetes.

For example, in a study of patients with type 2 diabetes on a low-fat rice diet, 63 out of 100 participants reduced fasting blood sugar levels.

In addition, 58% of insulin-dependent subjects were able to completely reduce or discontinue insulin therapy prior to the study.

Another study suggests that low-fat diets may be more beneficial for diabetics who are no longer dependent on insulin.


It is recommended that obese people eat very low fat foods.

Low fat rice feed has been used to treat obese people.

A study of 106 obese patients found that the average weight of diet participants decreased by 63.5 kg (140 pounds).

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease affecting the cerebral eyes, spinal cord and optic nerve.

People in this condition can benefit from a low fat diet.

Why are low fat diets effective?

It is not entirely clear how or why low-fat diets improve health.

Some people argue that the blood pressure lowering effect may not be directly related to low fat.

For example, a rice diet has a very low sodium content, which can have a positive effect on blood pressure.

Because it's monotonous and soft, people are less prone to eating less valuable foods, which can help reduce unwanted calorie intake.

Reducing calories, whether cutting carbohydrates or cutting fats, has great health and metabolism benefits.

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