Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts fat burner overview

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts overview

A unique and innovative approach to weight loss, Animal Nutrition's Universal Cuts combines a variety of benefits in a selection of pills designed to offer a range of benefits.




1.    Experienced brand that is highly respected in the world of bodybuilding.

2.    You can remove the stimulant by removing one of the pills from the service

3.    Great price per serving (42 packs)

What's inside


Each 1-portion packet contains:


  • 1.    750 mg of "stimulating complex" which includes caffeine, kola nut, guarana seeds, yerba mate leaf and raspberry extract
  • 2.    750mg "metabolic complex" containing green tea leaf extract, oolong tea leaf extract, black tea leaf extract, coffee bean extract and white tea leaf extract
  • 3.    350 mg of "Thyroid complex" which includes L-tyrosine, olive leaf extract and officinal sage leaves.
  • 4.    800 mg of "Water Shedding Complex" including dandelion root, nettle root, burdock root, buchu leaf, juniper berries and celery seeds
  • 5.    500 mg of "Nootropic Complex" containing gotu kola leaf, choline and bacopa monniera
  • 6.    300mg of "Cortisol inhibitor complex" including ashwagandha root extract, panax ginseng root, phosphatidylserine and magnolia bark extract
  • 7.    300 mg of "CCK Boosting Complex" including gymnema sylvestre leaves, apple pectin and cinnamon bark
  • 8.    500 mg of "Bioavailability Complex" including ginger root, cayenne fruit, grapefruit zest, quercetin, naringin and piper nigrum extract

Bottom line

 Animal Cuts has a ton of ingredients that work in synergy to help you burn fat, lose excess water and even increase energy and concentration, inhibiting cortisol (stress hormone) levels and ensuring their availability for the your body. completed. Having said that, the fact that all these elements are contained in different "complexes" means that you cannot be sure of the quantity of an ingredient contained in a package. It is best to know exactly how much of each ingredient you are getting. However, Universal Nutrition is an excellent company and this product has been around for a long time.

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